Urban planning is the reflection of society.


The Netherlands is a densely populated country. That places considerable pressure on the use of physical space. We can advise you on all aspects of environmental and planning law, including spatial planning, area development and environmental and nature conservancy legislation. Matters that need to be understood before you embark on the development of new real estate projects, such as transformation of existing buildings and land.

Chambers Europe 2023

Public Law: Planning and Environment | Band 3

“NewGround Law hosts a well-respected team of environment and planning lawyers in the Netherlands. The firm advises a range of clients on public law issues, such as zoning, planning, permitting and environmental impact assessments. It has particular expertise in handling cases concerning nitrogen, and real estate developments.”

At the start of each project we make a risk assessment and determine the strategy to be followed. This guarantees insight from the outset into planning and risks. Part of this is deciding which procedure is most suitable for achieving the intended goal. Timely and adequate communication with all the parties involved is essential. All the necessary permits and procedures are analysed from a legal ‘birds eye view’. We assist you whichever procedure is chosen, from Crisis and Recovery Act (Crisis- en Herstelwet) to Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet), from coordination procedure to zoning plan, from land exploitation plan to environmental impact assessments, and from ecological permit to environmental permit.

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