The Inclusion and Diversity platform has been launched. Attorneys Klijn and Oremans of NewGround Law take part in this initiative

With the set up of the Inclusion and Diversity platform in early February 2021, the Dutch Bar Association aims to promote an inclusive and diverse bar. Pim Oremans and Anne-Marie Klijn of NewGround Law take part in this initiative. The NOvA emphasizes the importance of equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion. They do that from a social point of view, but also because embracing these principles will lead to an enrichment of the legal profession itself.

Together with the NOvA, the 37 participating lawyers will investigate options and submit proposals for promoting (awareness of) diversity and inclusion within the legal profession. They will address issues such as:
> How do we ensure that more law students from different cultural and / or ethnic backgrounds feel attracted to the legal profession?
> Once they have entered the bar, how do we ensure that they stay?
> What is going on in the area of inclusion and diversity within the legal profession?

Read more at the website of NOvA