We are legal rebels with a cause

Conforming to the status quo is just not an option


NEWGROUND is a new formula designed to break with market conventions. Created by the Netherlands’ leading real estate legal professionals. Together bringing more than one hundred years’ experience in representing a wide range of clients.
Our purpose is clear: we focus on what really matters. And if necessary, we simply take an entirely different approach. With focus and incisiveness. And with a priority on the human dimension. Because self-interest may never prevail over the interest of our clients and our people. Just as today’s world demands.


That means a different DNA. Because we firmly believe that our clients’ interests are best served by adopting a deeply rooted ‘human-centric’ approach. A philosophy that may not necessarily be supported by everyone. But one we believe will attract the right people. People who want to be associated with us: new clients as well as future colleagues. True professionals, that goes without saying. But above all people we can trust to get the job done and help us build our firm.

You can count on us to be true to our word. And you can hold us to account for that commitment. We are always open to any words of criticism, since that opens up new pathways, and forges innovation and cooperation.

Moving beyond culture, the soul of our company is built on a clear business intent.

Our real estate law boutique is a big deal

The law firm where legal craft is a truly personal matter


Clients with varying wishes and concerns trust us to represent their interests. We pride ourselves in ensuring that no one has the feeling of being made to step into unfamiliar territory.

When you contract NewGround Law, you are engaging the services of a top class attorney or civil-law notary. One who will represent your interests and protect your rights without any suggestion of self-interest. That is something we take very personally indeed. Our services are always tailored to your needs: 1-on-1. We guarantee that the bond of trust that is created between us remains sacred.